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IT is improving and changing constantly and it can be challenging to keep up with it. Having a startup, or managing a big brand? If you do not follow the latest trends, you will certainly fall behind. We founded CIPP Consulting with the goal to help you to navigate in this online world. Are you a newcomer or more experienced? We will support you with services and solutions in design, development, deployment and online marketing.


Everything starts with a good plan

To avoid any nasty surprises during the development you should clarify most of the emerging questions during the planning phase. This sounds obvious but still only few dedicate enough time for assessing the requirements and creating specifications based on it. During the years we have spent in the industry we saw that the time we spend on design always pays off. It makes the whole implementation process smoother and also has a huge impact on the quality of work. Gathering data, analyzing and planning is one of the fundamentals basis of our work perception.

We assess your needs, create specifications but also give advice and recommendation regarding the areas of improvements. We always inspect problems from multiple aspects and formulate the long-term risks too so the completed plan can even serve as a starting point for further projects.


It's not just coding

We believe that development is not just translating ideas to codes for the machine, but a creative process, so we are working with partners who share the same mindset and passion as we do.

Our processes are transparent so our clients get feedback from the statuses and can monitor the progress. We are doing all the communication with the developers and with regular reviews we make sure that the website meets with the requirements which were identified during specification.

Even with the most detailed plan you can face unexpected situations when you need to adapt fast. Using tools of the agile project management we are flexible to cope with changes.

Deployment solutions

The big red button

Regardless being a small webpage or a big portfolio of a multinational company, deployment is always a critical step of the projects. To make sure everything goes according to plan, organization and coordination of different teams are vital.

Based on our experiences the lack of proper communication is the main reason behind most of the issues during deployment. We grant insight to our clients to all processes and have an always available policy for both clients and partners. This attitude helps us to match with expectation of client and reduce the stress factor of deployments.


We data

That data os the new gold might sounds as a cliché nowadays, but still some companies make mistakes when it comes to collecting or handling data. In many cases ,the wrong data is collected or it is collected in the wrong way, resulting false results. Monitoring and examining is necessary but effective use of this information is of no less improtance.

When it comes to starting and improving a webpage it is essential to make decisions based on the information what we gained, and we can only draw conclusions if we hather data and analyze.

We believe that having the right measurement and analytics is key for optimization. This optimization is the pledge to being successful in long term.


Harder, better, faster, stronger

After launching a webpage work should not stop. We can start gathering data from our users and thus will have a better picture of user experience . Next step is optimizing our page.

It’s a misconception that webpage is ready after it has benn published live. In reality the work after publishing is as important as the work having been done. Publishing is just a step during the process.

Optimization based on the data you can gather from your users is something that can make your site stand out from the crowd and gives you advantage in competition.

We believe in the evolution of webpages and the importance of optimization which makes webpages successful. That is why we put a great emphasis on gathering and analyzing data.

About us

CIPP Consulting was founded in 2020 because we saw the gap between clients and professionals who often barely understood each other. There are multiple reasons why this gap exists, but different background, needs and the language barrier are usually the top reasons. We think mediators who knows both worlds, follows the trends of the industry but understand business requirement at the same time are needed more than ever.

In CIPP Consulting we do not limit our service to meet your business needs with IT specifications but with our experience we provide services and solutions in all website related areas like design, development, deployment, analytics, optimization.

We are working both on Hungarian and international projects, so in our work history we helped domestic startups to launch their first website as well as multinational companies to extend their word wide web portfolio.

Did our presentation attract your attention? If you have any project for us or might just need some advice regarding anything related to web development, please feel free to get in touch with us via email in here, or by phone.

Our phone number: +36205247676